December 22, 2010

Lords of Shadow DLC

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Lords of Shadow
Konami Europe has offered up details on new downloadable content for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which involves two installments titled Reverie and Resurrection.

Reverie sends Gabriel back to the castle to destroy evil, while Resurrection picks up from the retail release’s insane ending, which is said to feature a showdown with a notorious enemy as Gabriel meets his destiny.

Both DLC installments are expected to release early next year, the first in February and the second following in April – leaving us waiting only for pricing details, and Konami to issue the announcement for North America.

In lew of those details, I offer you art.


December 17, 2010

Your Holiday Dose of Xbox LIVE Arcade

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Xbox LIVE Arcade Holidays
As if scoring another exclusive chapter to the Dead Rising saga wasn’t enough, Microsoft has three other titles hitting LIVE between December 22 and January 5 at 800 points a piece, complete with some character crossover to loosely tie all three together for the holiday push – not exactly breaking news, but I figure it’s worth a reminder.

Kingdom building returns when A World of Keflings hits on December 22, Half Brick Studio’s Raskulls arrives on December 29, and ilomilo rounds out the list on January 5 – assuming you haven’t already gotten your mitts on that last one via super secret early promotion, which still seems to be generating codes, though they don’t seem to work anymore.

Catch a trailer for all three after the break.


December 13, 2010

PSA – lilt line + Other Stuff

lilt line
Just a friendly reminder that Nintendo’s download offerings this week seem pleasantly worth a look.

Different Cloth’s lilt line makes the leap from iPhone to WiiWare, and if rhythm racing with a dubstep soundtrack sounds a bit peculiar, curious gamers should find a demo waiting for them, as well as a trailer here after the break.

Other exciting download developments include the arrival of SNES shooter Darius Twin on the virtual console – because you can never shoot enough robotic aquatic invaders from space – and Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ hits DSiWare today as well.


December 6, 2010

PSA – Fluidity Hits WiiWare

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Curve Studio’s form shifting title releases today for 1,200 points, and anyone curious about the game have no excuse to be left behind since Nintendo has also offered up a demo for the release.

Somewhere between playing as a pool of water that can transform into steam and ice, and tilting the WiiMote to affect events on screen, this feels like a splash of what Sony often hoards with titles like Loco Roco and PixelJunk Shooter – so fingers crossed as usual.

Catch some short video of the game in action after the break.


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