February 16, 2011

Review – Explodemon

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explodemon review
I was perhaps too young to fully appreciate classic platformers like Mega Man during their heyday; I certainly played and enjoyed them, but that was a time when I didn’t have the coordination to excel (or even succeed) at them. For me, the resurgence of these games in the market marks a second opportunity to explore that classic style of game and more fully appreciate those offerings.

Explodemon, like Shadow Complex before it, seeks to revisit that place with a contemporary twist and a unique property. The player controls the eponymous Explodemon, the unstable robot creation of Dr. Light Dr. Nitrous, afflicted in such a way as to spontaneously explode at regular intervals. Sealed away to protect the world, Explodemon is accidentally freed during an alien invasion, and sets out to defeat the invaders in the way you’d expect from an exploding anime robot: by exploding them.


December 6, 2010

PSA – Fluidity Hits WiiWare

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Curve Studio’s form shifting title releases today for 1,200 points, and anyone curious about the game have no excuse to be left behind since Nintendo has also offered up a demo for the release.

Somewhere between playing as a pool of water that can transform into steam and ice, and tilting the WiiMote to affect events on screen, this feels like a splash of what Sony often hoards with titles like Loco Roco and PixelJunk Shooter – so fingers crossed as usual.

Catch some short video of the game in action after the break.


July 29, 2010

Explodemon! Lives

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There was never any reason to believe otherwise, but to give you an idea of how long I’ve been waiting to hear more about this title from Curve Studios, well it was slightly before I’d heard of ‘Splosion Man, and over two writing gigs ago according to this long lost post.

At long last Curve says we can expect a PSN release before the end of 2010, whilst still boasting that their 2.5D action will return SNES flavored sensations within the agenda of self-destruction – so fingers crossed kids!

Catch some fresh art from the game after the break.


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