Leaked Screenshots Unveil Terrifying X-Douche

X-Men: Destiny
The destiny you’ve always fantasized about is to play a horrible Jersey Shore reject with the mutant power of extreme douchery, if leaked screenshots from X-Men: Destiny are to be believed.

You can check out a selection of art and screenshots at Comics Alliance, featuring an X-Bro apparently ripped directly from the pages of Modern Design Cliches: 101 Bags, Tattoos, and Beard Styles, who appears strangely out of place as he battles alongside elaborate, brightly colored heroes in his wife-beater. One recalls the original design for Cole in inFamous 2 and thinks “Well, I guess that wasn’t so bad, after all.”

Would You Buy This For a Dollar?

RoboCop iPhone App
Despite buckets of scientific data supporting the idea that the world needs and deserves a good RoboCop game, this post is about an iPhone app.

Yes the RoboCop App is here, allowing you to trade a dollar ($2 for iPad) for the ability to watch scenes from the film and use the less-than-ideally named “RoboHead” mode to further alienate yourself from friends, family, and co-workers.

As proof that I can’t make this stuff up, there’s even a video.


Final Fantasy Musings

Final Fantasy
With so little information presently accompanying the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and so many other titles with Final Fantasy in the works, it’s not easy finding something to say.

Plus it’s best to take Square-Enix on the final product and not plenty of very early PR – actually that’s probably a good rule across the board. Never the less, Square’s never-ending love of feathers in the above key image for the title gives enough space to wish them luck in proving that Final Fantasy titles can still be a golden goose rather than a series of turkeys.

I can’t help being interested in Final Fantasy Versus XIII anew however, even while suspecting I may regret it. Whether because of development time, or titles like Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, I’m extremely apprehensive, but video of the game from Square’s event is definitely worth a watch or two.


Pet Zombies in 3D

Pet Zombie 3D
Majesco has upped the zombie quota coming to Nintendo’s 3DS with the announcement of Pet Zombies in 3D this morning. The release will offer players a chance to raise and care for their own human zombie pets, with attention paid to dietary preferences, bodily maintenance and morbid activities. The undead pet simulator will offer various customizable backgrounds as well as the opportunity to customize your growing horde.

The 1st Playable Productions developed title was announced for a Fall release on the 3DS, alongside Majesco’s other 3DS entry, The Renegade Kid developed, Face Kart: Photo Finish – if you guessed the game lets you put your face in the driver’s seat, you win!

The countdown for tomorrow’s North American and European Nintendo 3DS blowout begins.

Trailer Park – Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3DS
Square-Enix shakes up a very quiet weekend break with media and title adjustments for Kingdom Hearts’ 3DS release, now known as Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Other developments from the company saw Final Fantasy Type-0 become the new title for the PSP game Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and the curtain was pulled back slightly further to reveal a direct sequel to last year’s Final Fantasy XIII, the aptly named Final Fantasy XIII-2 – which Square-Enix was quick to announce this morning would also be hitting North American PS3’s and 360’s next winter.


Your Recommended Dose of Ys I & II Chronicles

ys 1 and 2 chronicles
Among a slew of titles releasing in February that may prove well worth our time, Ys I & II will be hitting the PSP with a bonus soundtrack CD around the 15th, wrapping up the trilogy Xseed Games has brought to the handheld in North America – and clearing the way for another Falcom trilogy from Xseed in 2011 with The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky still to come.

Xseed’s latest bit of gameplay video is more of an audio focused affair, offering a taste of the three different soundtracks available to players. Musical appreciation and nostalgia aside, it’s hard not wishing it was time for Legend of Heroes now-ish, but check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


Your Recommended Dose of Onechanbara Special

Onechanbara Special
On the list of PSP games I’d really like to see come to North America this year, another round of bikini zombie slaying with Aya gets something caught between a guilty nod and a gleeful shout-out.

I realize this makes me a bad person, I have an illness and I’ll admit to it, but PSP doses of repetitive slashing could prove the porridge Goldilocks would choose, at least where this franchise is involved – and if your significant other isn’t interested in playing co-op until their sword fills up with blood at night, then it’s probably best you find out now rather than later. Have no fear should that prove to be the case however, you can play the game’s multiplayer with an AI partner as well.

The game hits Japan on March 24th and D3 put out video showing Aya, Saki, Misery and the gang back at the grind fighting zombies, grayish brown blobs and a bear – I’m not sure any future release will ever top fighting a zombie killer whale though.