January 18, 2011

Final Fantasy Musings

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Final Fantasy
With so little information presently accompanying the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and so many other titles with Final Fantasy in the works, it’s not easy finding something to say.

Plus it’s best to take Square-Enix on the final product and not plenty of very early PR – actually that’s probably a good rule across the board. Never the less, Square’s never-ending love of feathers in the above key image for the title gives enough space to wish them luck in proving that Final Fantasy titles can still be a golden goose rather than a series of turkeys.

I can’t help being interested in Final Fantasy Versus XIII anew however, even while suspecting I may regret it. Whether because of development time, or titles like Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, I’m extremely apprehensive, but video of the game from Square’s event is definitely worth a watch or two.


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