Trailer Park – Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3DS
Square-Enix shakes up a very quiet weekend break with media and title adjustments for Kingdom Hearts’ 3DS release, now known as Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Other developments from the company saw Final Fantasy Type-0 become the new title for the PSP game Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and the curtain was pulled back slightly further to reveal a direct sequel to last year’s Final Fantasy XIII, the aptly named Final Fantasy XIII-2 – which Square-Enix was quick to announce this morning would also be hitting North American PS3’s and 360’s next winter.

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  • Ujn Hunter

    Good lordie Jeordie! Don’t tell me that 3DS games are going to start using that lame DS subtitle nonsense! ::rolls eyes:: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence! Ooooh!

    • EdEN

      Well, each word starts with a D so that’s 3D and the game is 3D…ah, now I get it!