January 18, 2011

Pet Zombies in 3D

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Pet Zombie 3D
Majesco has upped the zombie quota coming to Nintendo’s 3DS with the announcement of Pet Zombies in 3D this morning. The release will offer players a chance to raise and care for their own human zombie pets, with attention paid to dietary preferences, bodily maintenance and morbid activities. The undead pet simulator will offer various customizable backgrounds as well as the opportunity to customize your growing horde.

The 1st Playable Productions developed title was announced for a Fall release on the 3DS, alongside Majesco’s other 3DS entry, The Renegade Kid developed, Face Kart: Photo Finish – if you guessed the game lets you put your face in the driver’s seat, you win!

The countdown for tomorrow’s North American and European Nintendo 3DS blowout begins.

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