July 1, 2012

Review – Adventure Time – Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess

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Review Adventure Time Legends of Ooo Big Hollow Princess
Adventure Time is a series that is simply begging to have a videogame based on it. While we’re all hoping that the upcoming Adventure Time game for the DS and 3DS is going to be the hyperactive maelstrom of colourful action that allows you to use your shape shifting dog as a veritable arsenal of weapons and gadgets, in the meantime, we have… an iOS point and click adventure game based on Finn, Jake, and the other residents of Ooo.

Adventure Time – Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess has Finn and Jake putting away their golden swords and magic powers respectively, in order to run around the Land of Ooo, constructing the titular Big Hollow Princess, a Trojan Horse of sorts used to sneak into the Ice King’s fortress in order to save some real princesses.

While I’m not entirely excited about the game’s choice of genre, the plot still manages to capture the spirit of the show, as well as its appearance; Finn and Jake’s noodle limbs may be flailing around running on a series of simple item retrieval quests, but they’re still flailing around, and as I’ve stated before, an hilarious walking animation can redeem almost any adventure game.


January 18, 2011

Would You Buy This For a Dollar?

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RoboCop iPhone App
Despite buckets of scientific data supporting the idea that the world needs and deserves a good RoboCop game, this post is about an iPhone app.

Yes the RoboCop App is here, allowing you to trade a dollar ($2 for iPad) for the ability to watch scenes from the film and use the less-than-ideally named “RoboHead” mode to further alienate yourself from friends, family, and co-workers.

As proof that I can’t make this stuff up, there’s even a video.


January 7, 2011

Mobile Jaleco

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Earth Defense Force
French company DotEmu brings word and video that the ghost of Jaleco shooter Earth Defense Force rises again to hit the Apple AppStore in the “forthcoming days,” joining Avenging Spirit in their line of Jaleco titles for iPhone.

The company pr also teases a clue about a third title still to come from the Jaleco library hidden on their website, hats off if you can find it.


October 28, 2010

What the Smurf?

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the Smurfs
Capcom is bringing the Smurfs to iPhone… yes, I just wrote that, and it’s apparently factual to boot.

As a tie-in to next summer’s film, Capcom is making a social-rific game with the franchise where players rebuild Smurf village this November- Gargamel wrecked the joint, how he finally found it I don’t know.

Starting with a single mushroom house and a plot of land, players will be able to construct specialized houses, grow gardens and crops, build bridges, and play several mini-games.

If they want to get family friendly and nostalgic at the same time, they should get to work on another Duck Tales, or maybe Darkwing Duck, that would also be acceptable.

July 16, 2010

Your Morning Bit of Zen

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Meow Meow Happy Fight
Can you ever be too happy? Big Pixel Studios seems to think so, and is unleashing Meow Meow Happy Fight for the iPhone – wherein a giant Happy Cat decides that the future is too happy and travels back in time to bring a new mix of happiness and destruction to Tokyo.

Okay, maybe I’m just mentioning the game because I wanted to type that description – if you called your game Super Happy Zombie Flower Hour I’d probably want to write about it a little too.

As far as the game goes, Big Pixel says the dual-stick shooter offers 24 levels, 15 characters, 12 power-ups and of course that one previously mentioned happy cat.

Catch a trailer after the break if only for the novelty factor.


January 25, 2010

Q&A – Catching Up With Little Guy Games

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Little Guy Games
Between the mass-media attention given to the announcement of a new Ubisoft Studio, and the critical success of new titles from Capybara Games (as well as many other happenings I’ll surely be in trouble for neglecting to mention here), it’s safe to say that 2009 was an important year for recognizing Toronto’s growing role in the videogame industry.

It was also the year that indie game developer Little Guy Games opened for business, founded by former Capybara Games President Tom Frencel.

The studio’s first game, the shooter/fighter mix Battle Blasters released earlier this month for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and Tom was good enough to take time out to answer a few questions on two of my favorite topics – game development and my home city.


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