January 4, 2011

Keeping Up With Grubbins

Costume Quest Grubbins on Ice
Costume Quest’s DLC retains everything from previous save files, making it easy to put a unicorn costume back on while also trying coveted battle stamps with the new costumes Grubbins on Ice offers. The DLC is an extension of Costume Quest so there isn’t anything new introduced in the gameplay – if you haven’t tried Double Fine’s downloadable trick or treat title as of yet, you may want to catch our original review.

The later PlayStation 3 release found me catching up with Grubbins on Ice during the Holiday break, and the DLC actually takes place during the winter as well. Everett and Lucy have been hypothesizing about the monsters they fought on Halloween night, and begin searching for tangible evidence, all of which leads to Lucy getting kidnapped after stumbling upon a receiver in the snow that opens up a portal – of course Everett, Wren and Reynold are left with no choice but to suit up and save her.


December 18, 2010

Review – lilt line

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lilt line
lilt: “to sing or play in a light, tripping, or rhythmic manner.”

Recently released by Gaijin games on WiiWare, lilt line is a game being marketed as “a retro rhythm racing beat ’em up action game with a dubstep flavour,” which bothered when I first started the game.

I took one look at the UI and level design and flashbacks of raver kids tripping on E wearing stunna shades at HARD Summer’s electro festival came to mind, not dubstep. Around here, dubstep is a mellow, mostly downtempo scene, devoid of bright neon colors, and saying “rapid” is almost an oxymoron, so I feel it is an imperfect visual representation of dubstep. The scene is becoming a bit more commercialized as groups like Magnetic Man lead it into the mainstream, perhaps melding perceptions of dubstep into an all-encompassing view of electronic music, but I digress.


November 20, 2010

Your Recommended Dose of Sanrio

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Sanrio epitomizes all things cute in Japanese culture. In fact, Sanrio/Hello Kitty was my introduction into Japanese culture. I grew up in a town populated by Japanese immigrants back in the 50’s, resulting in many Japanese stores. Sanrio was one of them, and I can remember my grandmother taking me there to get pens, pencils and various stationery for grade school.

Sanrio is currently celebrating their 50th anniversary with “Small Gift” festivals in Los Angeles and Miami and a touring pop-up store hitting select cities in the US, featuring rare collectors items only available on the tour.

Gamesugar visited Small Gift in Santa Monica, CA, held at Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hangar. The venue is perfect for a massive festival that includes an art show, gift shop, game booths, miniature golf course, arcade station, face painting booths, and a Ferris wheel. We could barely hold it together ten feet from the entrance because everything oozed of cuteness. Most of my time was spent at the arcade station, playing retro games and yelling at the pinball machine.

Check out plenty of photos from the event at our Facebook Page.

October 14, 2010

thatgamecompany’s Journey

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It was a hot, muggy Saturday afternoon in Culver City. IndieCade attendees flocked to the Ivy Substation at 2:30pm, eager to hear from thatgamecompany’s (TGC) Jenova Chen and Robin Hunicke, about their upcoming game Journey.

The last of their three game deal with Sony, the title’s focus on multiplayer is something previously unexplored by them in fl0w and fl0wer. As social interaction transforms alongside technology and corporations are realizing that individuals strive to publicize their self-expression in order to connect to others in the virtual world, Journey aims to express simple feelings with other humans to achieve “authentic” memorable moments.


August 10, 2010

Scott Pilgrim x Attract Mode x Giant Robot = AWESOMENESS

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Giant Robot
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game is out on PSN today and I’m anxiously twiddling my thumbs waiting for the PSN Store to refresh with today’s new releases. In the mean time, I found out about an event that will make people who don’t live in Los Angeles very jealous.

Attract Mode and Giant Robot are hosting a Game Night event with Bryan Lee O’Malley, who will be present for a signing and game session with fans at GR2 on August 21. At 5:00pm, he’ll be signing copies of Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 and after that wraps up, he’ll be playing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game multiplayer mode with fans.

Gamesugar had a great time at the first Game Night with Gaijin Games, so count on us attending this one and sharing the photos shortly after.

2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025


That sweet poster clipped for the title image can be seen in fuller glory here.

July 13, 2010

Tetricide Art Show

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Outside of E3, there aren’t many videogame themed events to attend in Los Angeles. Still feeling withdrawal from this year’s show, I was happy to find TETRICIDE, a video game themed art show curated by Walt Gorecki at Pehrspace.


June 20, 2010

E3 Impressions – Knights of the Nintendo Roundtable

Nintendo Roundtable
As with previous years at E3, Nintendo again invited a select few to join them in one of the Convention Center’s Theater rooms for a developers’ roundtable event, the climax of a day beginning with their press conference and ending with Shigeru Miyamoto and company speaking with press in a smaller setting for an hour and a half.

Somehow we managed to get on the list this year, and it was hard not to feel like tagging along with an elite club, especially because of the strict rule that no recording devices were allowed.

Miyamoto brought out members of Nintendo’s own elite club – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s producer Eiji Aonuma, and Nintendo 3DS hardware producer Hideki Konno.

The talk that followed focused primarily on Zelda: Skyward Sword, the 3DS, and 3DS games – namely Nintendogs + Cats, Steel Diver, and Starfox, with most of the time restrained to those topics.


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