June 20, 2010

E3 Impressions – Knights of the Nintendo Roundtable

Nintendo Roundtable
As with previous years at E3, Nintendo again invited a select few to join them in one of the Convention Center’s Theater rooms for a developers’ roundtable event, the climax of a day beginning with their press conference and ending with Shigeru Miyamoto and company speaking with press in a smaller setting for an hour and a half.

Somehow we managed to get on the list this year, and it was hard not to feel like tagging along with an elite club, especially because of the strict rule that no recording devices were allowed.

Miyamoto brought out members of Nintendo’s own elite club – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s producer Eiji Aonuma, and Nintendo 3DS hardware producer Hideki Konno.

The talk that followed focused primarily on Zelda: Skyward Sword, the 3DS, and 3DS games – namely Nintendogs + Cats, Steel Diver, and Starfox, with most of the time restrained to those topics.


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