November 14, 2011

Review – Otomedius Excellent

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review otomedius excellent
After much doubt, delay, and speculation, Konami’s side-scrolling shooter, Otomedius Excellent, has landed in North America, hoping to tempt genre fans with barely clothed heroines and inspirational notes taken from the holy book of Gradius.

Aspirations to live my life as cliché stirred a desperate want to love this release – Travis Touchdown has Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly 5, and I was going to have Otomedius Excellent. But as much as I can appreciate this game upsetting the digestion of Western audiences with wrappings your mother would certainly disapprove of, I’d rather play the aforementioned shooter mini-game found within No More Heroes 2.

Beneath the bubblegum aesthetics, Otomedius Excellent is a hard game to love, striving to find ways to break my heart with an experience I could love nearly everything about, except for having to actually play it.


September 25, 2011

How I Learned to Love Hitogata Happa

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Hitogata Happa
Hitogata Happa seems downright impossible. Oh sure, everything starts off straightforward enough, and you might assume it’s a typical top-down 2D shooter. You blast enemies, you collect the goodies they drop, you reach the first boss… and then you die, again and again.

And if you’re like me, you probably give up and go play something else.

Yet, something about Hitogata Happa calls you back. You try again. You die again. You get angry. You get defensive. “This is the first stage! Why the heck is it so difficult?! This game sucks!”

I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I skillfully avoided every single bullet the first stage’s boss fired at me, while slowly whittling away at its power. When you start fighting the boss, a timer begins to count down, and when the clock hits zero, the boss suddenly goes bananas and unleashes a ruthless barrage that always resulted in me seeing the Game Over message. And the timer hit zero every single time. Argh!

My world became dark. I had really wanted to love Hitogata Happa so, so much. I was especially upset because I found the game’s world enthralling. Though I’ll admit I skipped the story sequences because I don’t care for such things, the plot’s gist is that the protagonist is extremely pissed off about some wrongdoing (her family was killed or something) and, in order to get her revenge, sends little “dolls” out to decimate her enemies. And, boy, are there a lot of enemies to kill!


December 23, 2010

Trailer Park – Sturmwind

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Germany’s Redspotgames and Duranik kickoff the holidays like it’s 1999 with a trailer for their in-development Dreamcast shooter Sturmwind – which was earnestly on my wish list, so how about that.

Set to release next year, the game definitely has a Gradius vibe pulsing along with several other crazy influences. Add to that destructible environments as well as vertical and horizontal scrolling sections, and it all means that you’d better keep your GDROM drives in good working order a little bit longer.

Check it out below.


December 17, 2010

Score Rush and Decimation X3 – Lords of Indie Bullet Hell

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My mind seems to be a bit scrambled at the moment, so you’ll have to forgive me. I just finished eight consecutive games of Score Rush on Xbox LIVE. Imagine being a white blood cell, drifting through the bloodstream on your way to, I don’t know, say a white blood cell rave party, when suddenly a virus appears.

As a fan of science, with no technical expertise or experience, I still imagine playing Score Rush is very similar to what would occur: the white blood cell would immediately fire millions upon millions of bullets at the intruders until they died, and gave up their experience points.


November 13, 2010

Review – Guwange

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Cave’s bullethell blast from the past hit Xbox Live Arcade with all the trimmings this week, plus a few features I wouldn’t have anticipated. Running through modes and stages, I can’t shake the thought that Guwange would make a spectacular Wii title. That isn’t intended to veer completely off topic, but has just been floating around in my brain while tackling the core of this game – controlling two physical objects on screen simultaneously.

Each of the game’s three playable characters is linked to a shikigami, an entity that player’s can summon at their leisure, and also one that each character seeks to free themselves from, the driving bit of narrative beneath the barrage of bullets standing between the player and that goal. At first this can result in several shades of retina overload, keeping track of two objects on-screen while Cave’s fine sprites vanish beneath the chaos of color changing bullets and loose change, until survival seems like sheer luck while pushing the analog sticks of the 360 controller in all directions. But a one size fits all difficulty setting, generous screen display and co-op options, as well as three modes to suit all possible tastes should help the uninitiated quickly discover an elegance at work that speaks to Cave’s well earned legacy as shooter royalty.


October 28, 2010

You Against the Music – SHMUSICUP

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In development from Tzai Entertainment, Shoot Music Up (SHMUSICUP) is a vertical-scrolling PC shooter the generates enemy bullet patterns based on MP3’s chosen from players’ collections.

It’s unclear how stage progression would enter in at the moment, but Tzai released a trailer to help demonstrate the core music concept, which you can catch after the break.

You can also keep an eye on updates at the game’s site over here.


September 4, 2010

Catching Up On Bullets

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Akai Katana
Cave’s latest dose of upcoming arcade bullethell has been getting some small updates, on top of videos from the location test that are worth another viewing. The stage 1 map of Akai Katana was made viewable while I was dozing off, along with a handful of enemy sprites that may make some long for the good ‘ol days – so check it out.

If you’re looking for something import worthy on a console, you could check out DoDonPachi Resurrection – Cave’s posted a trailer for the game, which releases for Japanese 360’s this November.

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