June 3, 2011

This One Girl

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Tomb Raider
Square-Enix unleashes the first trailer for the reboot of Tomb Raider, a filmic affair that sets the atmosphere for a game we’re told will discover humanity within Lara Croft by pushing her to physical and mental limits.

As far as videos go, it’s a slick affair that manages to draw me in like a moth to the flame, crossing fingers and toes that the title appreciates the burden of responsibility, the expectations of the entire proposition at play here.

Catch the trailer below and feel free to offer back a few words of your own.


December 23, 2010

Trailer Park – Sturmwind

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Germany’s Redspotgames and Duranik kickoff the holidays like it’s 1999 with a trailer for their in-development Dreamcast shooter Sturmwind – which was earnestly on my wish list, so how about that.

Set to release next year, the game definitely has a Gradius vibe pulsing along with several other crazy influences. Add to that destructible environments as well as vertical and horizontal scrolling sections, and it all means that you’d better keep your GDROM drives in good working order a little bit longer.

Check it out below.


December 20, 2010

Trailer Park – Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection
Square-Enix’s site for the Japanese PSP title bringing together Final Fantasy IV and The After Years is go, so screenshots are making the rounds today along with the trailer, which you can catch after the break.

Regardless of your stance on Final Fantasy revisits, I hope we can all agree that airships are still as cool as ever.


December 18, 2010

Nanosuits, etc.

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Crysis 2
Important warning: if you’re concerned about the welfare of your face, stop now and go do something else. If you feel you may need your face for later, leave your computer and do not return. Gamesugar accepts no responsibility for the possibility that your face may be blown off by the force of the following trailer for Crysis 2.

If there was any doubt that an urban sprawl would offer infinitely more intriguing options for the wielder of the nanosuit than the original jungle, it’s been washed away in a flood of images depicting the player kicking cars, hurling aliens off ledges and bounding across rooftops at super speed. Crysis 2 appears to be shaping up into a defining FPS experience, and if you dare risk the safety of your own face, you can check out the most recent trailer after the break.


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