November 13, 2010

Review – Guwange

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Cave’s bullethell blast from the past hit Xbox Live Arcade with all the trimmings this week, plus a few features I wouldn’t have anticipated. Running through modes and stages, I can’t shake the thought that Guwange would make a spectacular Wii title. That isn’t intended to veer completely off topic, but has just been floating around in my brain while tackling the core of this game – controlling two physical objects on screen simultaneously.

Each of the game’s three playable characters is linked to a shikigami, an entity that player’s can summon at their leisure, and also one that each character seeks to free themselves from, the driving bit of narrative beneath the barrage of bullets standing between the player and that goal. At first this can result in several shades of retina overload, keeping track of two objects on-screen while Cave’s fine sprites vanish beneath the chaos of color changing bullets and loose change, until survival seems like sheer luck while pushing the analog sticks of the 360 controller in all directions. But a one size fits all difficulty setting, generous screen display and co-op options, as well as three modes to suit all possible tastes should help the uninitiated quickly discover an elegance at work that speaks to Cave’s well earned legacy as shooter royalty.


September 4, 2010

Catching Up On Bullets

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Akai Katana
Cave’s latest dose of upcoming arcade bullethell has been getting some small updates, on top of videos from the location test that are worth another viewing. The stage 1 map of Akai Katana was made viewable while I was dozing off, along with a handful of enemy sprites that may make some long for the good ‘ol days – so check it out.

If you’re looking for something import worthy on a console, you could check out DoDonPachi Resurrection – Cave’s posted a trailer for the game, which releases for Japanese 360’s this November.

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