July 22, 2010

Skeptical Cat vs. The Strangest Package Ever

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Skeptical Cat
Skeptical Cat is all about family, mostly because they all know where Skeptical Cat lives so it’s hard to get away from them when they want something. Most recently Skeptical Cat was stuck with a visit from new cousin Curious Cat.

While Skeptical Cat feels that kittens are both a pain and cause office productivity to suffer, Curious Cat did make a most interesting discovery while sorting the morning mail. Skeptical Cat feels certain that this mysterious package is the strangest thing to ever arrive at the office.

Skeptical Cat invites you to see for yourself after the break, and apologizes if the potential cute abuse causes anyone to vomit rainbows or suffer injuries.


June 9, 2010

Q&A – Skeptical Cat’s Ivy the Kiwi? 101

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Ivy the Kiwi
Skeptical Cat feels very ignored with all this E3 business going on around the office. All Skeptical Cat has heard this week is bullets and swords and something about the three d’s of gaming – meanwhile only Skeptical Cat seems to realize that the litter box doesn’t clean itself.

Skeptical Cat isn’t very interested in these things, but was bribed to pitch in with a shiny Natal experience pass to replace his old collar. Skeptical Cat feels that gaming needs to connect with its roots, especially in offering us more games about delicious characters – and maybe more Chu Chu Rocket, Skeptical Cat approves of more games where foolish mice are eaten.

Skeptical Cat feels that Ivy the Kiwi would taste very good, maybe even more so than a Kolibri, but Skeptical Cat feels catching one requires careful planning because Kiwi’s seem tricky.

Skeptical Cat remembered the nice XSEED rep he met when that game about cats inheriting the world came out, and went for a visit to learn more about Kiwis.


April 3, 2010

Skeptical Cat Vs. Milla Jovovich

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Resident Evil: Afterlife
Skeptical Cat was very skeptical about dictating anymore posts for this website. Some say people who put words on the Interwebz have lots of money, but like Skeptical Cat’s Dad always used to say “Money don’t put mice on the table, mice put mice on the table!”

Then Skeptical Cat heard that this was about a new Resident Evil film and that there would be catnip and decided posting was a noble cause.


April 1, 2010

Skeptical Cat’s April 1st Roundup

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April Fool's Day
When Skeptical Cat woke to check his email and learned about Gmail’s vowel shortage, he decided to go back to bed and play videogames all day. But Skeptical Cat does want to give a paw to a few of his favorite stories from the day.

Skeptical Cat declares Ecco: Water Wars 2 the greatest expansion of a Sega franchise since Sonic R.

Skeptical Cat is pleased and purring to see that a year’s worth of work and excessive amounts of cash have resulted in the most stunning and stylish version of 4ColorRebellion to date.

Skeptical Cat believes that Koticku is actually a really smart investment over Activision’s previous strategy of buying Editor’s from smaller sites all year round.

Skeptical Cat is surprised that Aksys Games would try to announce actual news today, but still thinks $49.99 for an LE Deathsmiles set is sweet – though he still wants an arcade stick.

Skeptical Cat feels that Alan Wake Wars is funny in theory…

Skeptical Cat would pay to see IGN’s Halo movie, but would still not read IGN for free.

Skeptical Cat would pay much more to see onemoreuser’s Law Abiding Engineer.

Skeptical Cat thanks Google’s latest translator for making this post possible.

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