April 1, 2010

Skeptical Cat’s April 1st Roundup

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April Fool's Day
When Skeptical Cat woke to check his email and learned about Gmail’s vowel shortage, he decided to go back to bed and play videogames all day. But Skeptical Cat does want to give a paw to a few of his favorite stories from the day.

Skeptical Cat declares Ecco: Water Wars 2 the greatest expansion of a Sega franchise since Sonic R.

Skeptical Cat is pleased and purring to see that a year’s worth of work and excessive amounts of cash have resulted in the most stunning and stylish version of 4ColorRebellion to date.

Skeptical Cat believes that Koticku is actually a really smart investment over Activision’s previous strategy of buying Editor’s from smaller sites all year round.

Skeptical Cat is surprised that Aksys Games would try to announce actual news today, but still thinks $49.99 for an LE Deathsmiles set is sweet – though he still wants an arcade stick.

Skeptical Cat feels that Alan Wake Wars is funny in theory…

Skeptical Cat would pay to see IGN’s Halo movie, but would still not read IGN for free.

Skeptical Cat would pay much more to see onemoreuser’s Law Abiding Engineer.

Skeptical Cat thanks Google’s latest translator for making this post possible.

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