April 3, 2010

Skeptical Cat Vs. Milla Jovovich

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Resident Evil: Afterlife
Skeptical Cat was very skeptical about dictating anymore posts for this website. Some say people who put words on the Interwebz have lots of money, but like Skeptical Cat’s Dad always used to say “Money don’t put mice on the table, mice put mice on the table!”

Then Skeptical Cat heard that this was about a new Resident Evil film and that there would be catnip and decided posting was a noble cause.

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Skeptical Cat feels you may think it too easy to pick on Resident Evil films, like tossing around a wounded mouse. But everyone knows that wounded mice are more fun that healthy ones, because those require more work and then Skeptical Cat needs to nap longer. Skeptical Cat once spent an entire afternoon chasing a fat mouse only to have it stolen by that jerk Tabby next door, who Skeptical Cat does sometimes let lick his head and neck. Skeptical Cat wants you to know that there’s nothing funny going on, it’s just a very hard spot to reach and therefore a hygiene issue.

Anyway, Skeptical Cat remembers now he was thinking about Resident Evil, and wanted to stress that he enjoyed what he saw of the first film when it came to DVD. The acting wasn’t so great or anything, but Skeptical Cat feels that a modest budget and ample use of the Umbrella logo made for a reasonably good film – with each increase in money and attention drastically decreasing the results.

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Skeptical Cat insists that you watch this video for Resident Evil: Afterlife below, where it is clear that we should not get our hopes up for two reasons. One reason is the mentioning of the technology making the film possible, which is never a good sign for any of those other small film concerns like characters or plot. The second is that someone has cherry picked everything they liked in the Resident Evil games and apparently pasted it into this movie – though Skeptical Cat admits that writing seems very hard. Even the person writing down what Skeptical Cat has to say today looks very tired and depressed.

Skeptical Cat would like to add that even if this is a very, very bad film, he will still let Milla Jovovich rub his tummy.

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  1. Well, the Resident Evil movies aren’t bad per se and they’re always good for some popcorn fun here and there. The more we have, the more popcorn right?

    Comment by EdEN — April 4, 2010 @ 12:26 pm

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