June 9, 2010

Q&A – Skeptical Cat’s Ivy the Kiwi? 101

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Ivy the Kiwi
Skeptical Cat feels very ignored with all this E3 business going on around the office. All Skeptical Cat has heard this week is bullets and swords and something about the three d’s of gaming – meanwhile only Skeptical Cat seems to realize that the litter box doesn’t clean itself.

Skeptical Cat isn’t very interested in these things, but was bribed to pitch in with a shiny Natal experience pass to replace his old collar. Skeptical Cat feels that gaming needs to connect with its roots, especially in offering us more games about delicious characters – and maybe more Chu Chu Rocket, Skeptical Cat approves of more games where foolish mice are eaten.

Skeptical Cat feels that Ivy the Kiwi would taste very good, maybe even more so than a Kolibri, but Skeptical Cat feels catching one requires careful planning because Kiwi’s seem tricky.

Skeptical Cat remembered the nice XSEED rep he met when that game about cats inheriting the world came out, and went for a visit to learn more about Kiwis.

Ivy the Kiwi
Skeptical Cat: Skeptical Cat is aware that Ivy the Kiwi moves through stages freely while looking for her mother, needing players to constantly create and manipulate the environment to keep her safe. Skeptical Cat wonders if perhaps Ivy wants to be eaten, and if so, whether you might know a good recipe for Kiwi?

XSEED: Well Skeptical Cat, at the very start of the game, helpless Ivy the Kiwi finds herself frightened and alone. Surely once upon a time you were merely a Skeptical Kitten, and you too were frightened!

Fortunately Ivy has helpful players willing to guide her over the menacing obstacles standing in her way! With a quick swipe of the Wiimote or DS stylus, stretchy, springy vines are created, helpful for guiding small birds over thorny pits and safely under drippy water drops. These handy vines can even be used against Ivy’s enemies to sweep them off the side, or trap them in tight corners. Ivy would also like to mention that Kiwi is chewy and nasty, and Skeptical Cat best stick to chicken.

SC: Skeptical Cat admits to being distracted by hunger today, but feels that this is because Ivy the Kiwi looks significantly more detailed now. Skeptical Cat wonders what has been done in this new release to make Ivy look more delicious?

XSEED: When Ivy the Kiwi made her way to Japan for release, she did so against a much more sepia-toned background. At the suggestion of the development team, Ivy’s environments were spruced up with more color for her North American release.

Ivy the Kiwi

Ivy has her very own screw attack – so watch out Samus.

SC: Skeptical Cat noticed that pulling vines Ivy is walking across can launch her into the air. Skeptical Cat was hoping you could settle a bet with the calico know-it-all at another gaming site about how far a Kiwi can be flung into the air?

XSEED: Ivy’s longest distance has never been recorded, and generally Ivy is not propelled so much for distance but in order to launch a screw-attack! Blocks and enemies are no match for Ivy once she has them in her trajectory. But players are welcome to see just how far they can propel her! Keep in mind screw-attacking spinning Kiwi’s may get dizzy, so try to be kind!

SC: Skeptical Cat has noticed that there are several predators in the game, but that cats are noticeably absent. This displeased Skeptical Cat at first, but now Skeptical Cat wonders if this simply recognizes that cats are too mighty and cunning for players to outsmart compared to other hunters featured in the game?

XSEED: Ivy finds this question especially funny. Could it be perhaps because cats are not brave enough like Ivy to venture through frightening forests? Those massive raindrops prove especially menacing on Ivy’s journey, and we all know how well cats handle water. Ivy would like to see them try to rough it!

SC: Skeptical Cat wonders if he would have to pre-order the game in order for you to rub his tummy?

XSEED: Ivy would welcome some much-needed help in pulling off the egg shell pieces still stuck to her head and body—she’s having a heck of a time! Maybe then a tummy rub could be negotiated. As for pre-order, you’ll need to hold tight Skeptical Cat! Be on the lookout for more news from Ivy as she gets ready to release Ivy the Kiwi? later this summer.

*Skeptical Cat would like to thank XSEED for their time in talking about Kiwis. Skeptical Cat feels this information will prove helpful in finally catching one.


  1. Skeptical Cat has great interviews! I’m somehow sensing that the pre-order question was skirted because it is digital only? Or was this announced as a real release also?

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — June 10, 2010 @ 9:49 am

  2. There’s definitely a retail release coming for Wii and DS, the box art is already floating around and finalized. I asked Skep about it and he seems to feel that they want to make sure they distinguish between the digital and retail releases so there’s no confusion and that we should be hearing more asap.

    Comment by Jamie Love — June 10, 2010 @ 11:55 am

  3. That was a fun read. Let’s hope Skeptical Cat can do more interviews at E3.

    Comment by EdEN — June 10, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

  4. Oh Skeptical cat, you keep raising the bar for everyone else around here!
    Great interview.

    Comment by Christina — June 11, 2010 @ 10:28 am

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