December 7, 2010

Images Worth A Few Words – Aya Brea Edition

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The Third Birthday
I’ve tuned out on The 3rd Birthday over the last few months, mostly in order to skip Square-Enix’s strange new desire to twitter every last detail away during the lead up to the Japanese release of Aya’s PSP debut.

It’s hard to ignore this image of Aya in her now bloodstained wedding dress however, gracing the cover of Dengeki PlayStation, so I suppose Squeenix still knows how to grab my attention when push comes to shove.

June 25, 2010

Your Recommended Dose of Aya Brea

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The Third Birthday
Famitsu has put a healthy dose of images and screenshots for The Third Birthday online, which you can catch here, and here. It sounds like overdrive – Aya’s ability to inhabit and control other people – is pulling at a more strategic experience than the straightforward body hopping I might expect from any other game. Inhabiting soldiers in order to reposition them, and still being able to attack via them rather than watching events unfold sounds ideal, but at this point what I don’t know about the game could still fill a warehouse.

On the list of things I do know – I need the above image in poster form immediately.

June 9, 2010

Square’s Bringing Aya to E3

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Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday
It’s official, Square-Enix is bringing the game I’ve been holding my breath over for an eternity to E3 2010. Finally we’ll know how the series plans to mutate and evolve on the PSP with The Third Birthday.

Did we need a post devoted entirely to this snippet of info?

The answer is an emphatic yes.


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