Your Recommended Dose of Aya Brea

The Third Birthday
Famitsu has put a healthy dose of images and screenshots for The Third Birthday online, which you can catch here, and here. It sounds like overdrive – Aya’s ability to inhabit and control other people – is pulling at a more strategic experience than the straightforward body hopping I might expect from any other game. Inhabiting soldiers in order to reposition them, and still being able to attack via them rather than watching events unfold sounds ideal, but at this point what I don’t know about the game could still fill a warehouse.

On the list of things I do know – I need the above image in poster form immediately.

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  • EdEN

    WHY is this a PSP title? Please release a Wii version SE! I would gladly pay $20 extra a year if PS + allowed us to play PSP games on our PS3…

    • Jamie Love

      Originally it was going to be a cellphone game, so we are making progress ;)

      • EdEN

        Oh, right. I’d forgotten about that. We’ll here’s hoping that on PS4 we can play PSP games. Or maybe in 30 years Sony will go the way of Sega and release games on other consoles as it did when it originally got into the business.

  • Ujn Hunter

    I’d love for Sony to drop out of the hardware business and release games 3rd party! ;)