September 16, 2010

Trailer Park – Valkyria Chronicles 3

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Valkyria Chronicles 3
Sega’s offered up a trailer for the PSP fan instigator, which consists entirely of cut-scenes sans any sign of gameplay – animated war is still hell.

I’d really like to know how many of you are disappointed that this wasn’t a PS3 release, and how many are content to simply get another dose of the series, so catch the video and give me an ear full after the break.


Waiting For Ueda

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The Last Guardian
Sony helped clear up why The Last Guardian wasn’t at other events this year with a TGS showing that dates the game for the 2011 Holiday Season. I’m sure plenty of you join me in observing that this is one very long wait for a game that on faith alone justified the long term ownership of a PS3.

The consolation prize is confirmation of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, which is said to run at 30 fps in HD and 3D – but is also a Spring 2011 wait.

You can catch trailers for both after the break.


Kinect @ TGS

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Kinect at TGS
Microsoft’s latest Kinect PR buzz has flexed quite a bit of Japanese support muscle from TGS, doing a surprisingly good job of rounding up some major names – at the moment I’ve got more talk than show. Word of Steel Battalion had me briefly dreaming of a new and ridicolously eccentric controller, but Capcom’s Heavy Armor is a Kinect exclusive, along with a first-person horror title from Sega titled Rise of Nightmares.

In the severe cred department, Kinect is getting its own Grasshopper game, Codename D – tagged as an “eerie amusement-park thriller.” Add to this Project Draco from Grounding – a 3D shooter hoping to stir memories of Panzer Dragoon – and a mystery title from NanaOn-Sha titled Haunt, and it’s clear Microsoft has been busy courting Japan to get more than the casual crowd interested in Kinect.

I’m left hanging at the moment over how any of these are going to look or feel, but it’s enough to keep me tuned in, which seems like an accomplishment based on where I’ve been with Kinect to date.

September 15, 2010

Catherine – The View From TGS

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What can I say about a TGS trailer offering another glimpse at Catherine? Clearly Atlus Japan has finally lost its collective mind and been devoured by their long and poorly hidden deviancy, which was overdue, and I’m loving every second of it.

Catch a glimpse for yourself after the break.


May 26, 2010

Tokyo Dreaming

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Tokyo Game Show
Sure E3 is coming up fast, but I’m really dreaming of a Gamesugar trip to Tokyo this Fall for TGS – which we all know isn’t really dead, it was just having a small nap.

As proof of this, CESA debuted this sweet visual for the show, which runs from September 16-19 this year.

That gives me nearly four months to raise enough money to get there, so if I show up selling cookies at your door you’ll know what’s up.

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