September 16, 2010

Kinect @ TGS

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Kinect at TGS
Microsoft’s latest Kinect PR buzz has flexed quite a bit of Japanese support muscle from TGS, doing a surprisingly good job of rounding up some major names – at the moment I’ve got more talk than show. Word of Steel Battalion had me briefly dreaming of a new and ridicolously eccentric controller, but Capcom’s Heavy Armor is a Kinect exclusive, along with a first-person horror title from Sega titled Rise of Nightmares.

In the severe cred department, Kinect is getting its own Grasshopper game, Codename D – tagged as an “eerie amusement-park thriller.” Add to this Project Draco from Grounding – a 3D shooter hoping to stir memories of Panzer Dragoon – and a mystery title from NanaOn-Sha titled Haunt, and it’s clear Microsoft has been busy courting Japan to get more than the casual crowd interested in Kinect.

I’m left hanging at the moment over how any of these are going to look or feel, but it’s enough to keep me tuned in, which seems like an accomplishment based on where I’ve been with Kinect to date.

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  1. Yeah… while I will need to see a lot to be sold on it… this at least has me listening! From Software is teaming up with Capcom this go around with Steel Battalion! That has me pumped! I’m a big fan of the original PSX Armored Core games and the original Xbox Steel Battalion games so this may be a match made in heaven! I still have no idea how you’d replace 1,000 buttons with none however. :P

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — September 16, 2010 @ 11:17 am

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