April 14, 2011

Review – Crysis 2

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Crysis 2It’s not difficult to imagine EA sitting down with Crytek, somewhere in the indeterminate space between Crysis and Crysis 2, fingers tented carefully and asking “Can you make it more like Call of Duty?” I don’t mean “It’s a funny joke to think about,” I mean I believe this happened. I believe it occurred in our discrete reality.

Indeed, I believe EA has this conversation with every developer to offer them product.

It’s easy to peer into the product and see the result of this conversation (which I will now portray as a factual historic event); fibers of Call of Duty have been infused in the deep tissue of Crysis, coloring its fundamental layers, its skeleton.

Amazing, then, that it remains, unquestionably, its own game.


March 28, 2011

A Rough Start for Crysis 2

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Crysis 2
Update 04/04/11: A patch has now been released, aiming to resolve many of the issues described here. Patch notes can be found here. Original post follows:

I’ve been playing Crysis 2 for the past week, and while normally this is about the time you’d be reading my unrelenting logic assault in the form of a review, it’s going to be a while longer before that occurs.

Crysis 2 has had an unhappy launch on the PC, with both the multiplayer and singleplayer components plagued by an entire menagerie of bugs, ranging from the annoying to the nigh-gamebreaking species. While this could fairly be grounds for a resoundingly negative review, I am not entirely comfortable committing such to print at this time, with the knowledge that the digital age affords developers the ability to promptly right such wrongs for all players.

Flaws remain flaws, and should be considered—hence this writing—but I would prefer not to write a review that could, in a week’s time, no longer represent the product. Therefore, I will allow some time to pass in the hopes that a patch will be distributed and the game can be properly reviewed.

In the meantime, however, I would be remiss not to advise players on the matter of the game as it currently exists. As I implied previously, I am playing Crysis 2 on the PC, and thus some or all of the bugs I describe here may not exist on the console versions; I urge players to do their research before making their purchasing decisions.


December 18, 2010

Nanosuits, etc.

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Crysis 2
Important warning: if you’re concerned about the welfare of your face, stop now and go do something else. If you feel you may need your face for later, leave your computer and do not return. Gamesugar accepts no responsibility for the possibility that your face may be blown off by the force of the following trailer for Crysis 2.

If there was any doubt that an urban sprawl would offer infinitely more intriguing options for the wielder of the nanosuit than the original jungle, it’s been washed away in a flood of images depicting the player kicking cars, hurling aliens off ledges and bounding across rooftops at super speed. Crysis 2 appears to be shaping up into a defining FPS experience, and if you dare risk the safety of your own face, you can check out the most recent trailer after the break.


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