December 23, 2010

Harmonix and Viacom Split, The Wheel in the Sky Keeps On Turning

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MTV’s owner Viacom has followed through cutting the cord on Harmonix, setting the company free to flesh out new productions under the eye of new investors. Along with the crazy-popular RockBand series, Harmonix has developed other music titles such as the Karaoke Revolution series and the recently released Dance Central for Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral.

Harmonix’s Manager of Communications, John Drake has said in a forum post on the RockBand site that “the DLC schedule marches on for Rock Band, we will continue our support of previously released titles and we’re hard at work on some unannounced projects that we think you’re going to be pumped about.”

Harmonix sounds like they have everything under control, so I’m happy for that. Their unannounced projects have my interest piqued – last E3 brought word of a game for the 3DS, and who knows what other music-games they may have up their sleeves for the future.

Have any guesses or wishes for Harmonix’s next big title?

July 1, 2010

Morning Cuteness: I Need this Okamiden Plush

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You know, there are just some days where you need something to hold to make you feel better, so who’s better then the flaming white wolf God Chibiterasu to keep you company?

Look, I know I may not be the first person you’d expect to go out and buy a plush game character, but I would totally make an exception for this. At close to one and a half feet, there’s a lot of love here, and for cheap too; It will be released in japan later this year for just under $60 USD.

Catch some pictures after the break, or discover more ways to make your wallet thinner over at E-Capcom.


June 23, 2010

How Would You Change Nintendo’s 3DS?

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As polished as the 3DS presented itself at E3 last week, it’s been floating around lately that Nintendo has gone on the record saying that the 3DS’ design is not 100% final – so the question begs to be asked, what would you, the gamer who ultimately buys the thing, change?

When the original DS was announced under the codename “Nitro” it had a very different look from the final launch design, some say for the better, some for the worst. Nintendo is very good about getting feedback on their consoles and either changing them before launch, or soon after releasing revisions that cater to fan needs and wants.


June 14, 2010

Can Microsoft Kinect With Gamers?

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Connect with Kinect
As we all know, Microsoft held a large scale press extravaganza last night to showcase their new “Kinect” peripheral. What we’ve known as Project Natal hasn’t changed much with this new name, but there are some key factors in all of this that still need to be announced before I can see myself proudly displaying it under my TV.

I’ve been up all night attempting to write this article, until one specific line hit me while talking with Jamie about it: The price of novelty. The price of novelty is a simple rule about how much you are willing to spend on a device, for the length of time you think having it will be interesting. My hesitation in writing anything quite yet is the lack of a price point. Sure there have been rumors floating around, but nothing set in stone, and no prices that yet sound very appealing to me. What I’m left with is wondering how long will I, as a gamer, be able to enjoy the novelty of the Kinect?


March 23, 2010

The Post in Which We Speculate About the 3DS

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On today of all days (obviously to commemorate Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream day), Nintendo decides to slip out a nifty press release about their upcoming successor to the DS, the 3DS. The press release is lacking on a lot of key details, which means we get to speculate as much as we want until they tell us more.

The largest gap of information has to be about the screens. “…on which games can be enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses.” 3D? without glasses? Well, there are a handful of routes this could take us. The main method everyone’s mind is jumping to is one recently popularized by the DSiWare game “Rittai Kakushi e AttaKoreda” – which roughly translates into “Hidden 3D image: There it is!”

What this game does is use the forward facing camera in the DSi to look at the face of the person playing (more specifically the light on the face) and tilts the environment in the game to make it appear as if you are looking into a diorama of sorts.


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