December 23, 2010

Harmonix and Viacom Split, The Wheel in the Sky Keeps On Turning

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MTV’s owner Viacom has followed through cutting the cord on Harmonix, setting the company free to flesh out new productions under the eye of new investors. Along with the crazy-popular RockBand series, Harmonix has developed other music titles such as the Karaoke Revolution series and the recently released Dance Central for Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral.

Harmonix’s Manager of Communications, John Drake has said in a forum post on the RockBand site that “the DLC schedule marches on for Rock Band, we will continue our support of previously released titles and we’re hard at work on some unannounced projects that we think you’re going to be pumped about.”

Harmonix sounds like they have everything under control, so I’m happy for that. Their unannounced projects have my interest piqued – last E3 brought word of a game for the 3DS, and who knows what other music-games they may have up their sleeves for the future.

Have any guesses or wishes for Harmonix’s next big title?

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