June 14, 2010

Dead Space 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Footage from EA’s press conference is presently being dispersed throughout the internets, and one of the items to filter out is the impending Dead Space 2. What’s obvious is that Visceral would actually like you to use some of your weapons this time around; whereas in the original game your plasma cutter was the only weapon you ever needed—and often the most efficient, too boot—this footage emphasizes the efficacy of some of your other options. The largely combat-ineffective kinesis module from the first game has been revamped; we can see the player sever a bladed enemy limb with the plasma cutter, snatch it up with kinesis and launch it back for an instant kill, quickly and efficiently.

The demo begins with Isaac in a decorative church, a far cry from the strictly function halls and chambers of the Ishimura, and goes on to feature a fantastic view of the Sprawl, the massive space-based city in which the game takes place. If you had your fill of cramped corridors in the original, Dead Space 2 looks to offer superior variety with the same exceptional design. See for yourself after the break.


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