June 14, 2010

Microsoft Had Me At Hideo

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Metal Gear Solid : Rising
Microsoft might have opened with an obligatory look at Call of Duty Black Ops, complete with an early exclusivity on DLC arrangement that explains where Activision got more cash to throw E3 parties with this year, but the show didn’t really start until Kojima came on stage – even if he did quickly pass the torch.

The trailer for Metal Gear Solid Rising may not have shown a tonne, but it was more than I expected and had it where it counts – namely in showing me a game that finally lets me slice a sword through everything from vehicles to bricks. And this is an aside to the game’s driving philosophy of Zan Datsu, or “Cut” and “Take” which brings a vampire edge to the title with Raiden slicing characters in two and claiming energy from their glowing innards.

If you haven’t seen it yet, or want to see it again and again, you can join my MGS fan party after the break.


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