June 15, 2010

Checking In On Sony – Or Checking Sony In…

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Sony Press Conference
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so little information stretched over such a long period of time, almost like how writers once got paid by the word – except that this is E3 time which I’m sure makes the list of most expensive time wherever time is priced.

Pulling for a rebranding of the PSP didn’t make me think some new ads was all they would do, and do such a poor job of it – as if the entire problem is you either didn’t know it existed before today, or need to know what a kid thinks of it before making a purchasing decision. At least the PSP has a great lineup of third party titles in the pipe, that much is true.

I suppose part of me really resents being shown how to use a Move controller as if this technology was just invented by Sony yesterday and we all need to be eased into the use of it. Why not just say “like Wii but better?” – the videos are almost duplicating the original Wii spots anyway. Sony really reversed the whole “show don’t tell” idea I was enjoying earlier today.

Even seeing Gabe Newell walk out on stage didn’t make me think he was suddenly a convert of the technology underneath the hood of the PS3 – rather I am wondering what Faustian deal has gone on behind the curtains. Keep in mind that I’ll take Twisted Metal away and be slightly merrier, but Sony is so far removed from the company that convinced me to buy a PS3 before a Wii (It’s a Fact) that I can’t even recognize the company today.

There’s plenty more to say, especially about Playstation Plus, but a few of us here earnestly need a little bit more time to feel like we even get what just happened.

Nintendo Nails It

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Nintendo Press Conference
When Reggie walked out on stage this morning, his key points were about technology as a tool, and that as impressive as technology can seem during a week like E3, it’s the experience that matters – requiring a balance that matches technology with game design to create the games that can create memorable experiences.

After several years of doubts and speculation about what courting an expanding casual market meant for the long time gamer, there was less banter and awkward jokes, replaced by a morning of titles that really do travel across the board with stops at all points in between – all of the announcements leading us toward the first reveal of the 3DS.

The bombardment of hands-on reports and E3 assets has begun.

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