March 5, 2010

Demo Report – Patchwork Heroes

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Patchwork Heroes
While the demo for Patchwork Heroes only offers up three of the game’s warship sabotaging missions, it’s clear after the very first that few games could ever hope to occupy so little space on a memorystick while offering so much of what has been missing from the Sony diet.

Take the weight of the bloated development cycles and money invested in offering more of the same experiences, only in higher definition for a pack of clapping seals hungry for mediocrity, and lose all connection to that misguided faith as this tiny demo offers up more charm, heart, tactile pleasure, control freedom, and divine spark than should be possible from the hollowed out husk of the great beast that once ruled this industry with an iron fist, and still kinda likes to think it does.


February 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday – Valkyria Chronicles Is Still My Valentine

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Lazy Sunday
So it occurred to me while slurping the necessary amount of coffee to spark my bones to life for another day that I spend quite a bit of my Sunday morning half-mindlessly checking out websites, and that perhaps I could make a thing out of that. Time will tell if this continues or not I suppose.

Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day, which would be incomplete without some game related cardness in Japanese, so says I, and the girls of Valkyria Chronicles 2 have me covered via Famitsu. Famitsu also has a very sweet page for 100mt, or Patchwork Heroes for those of us in the land of poorly named NA PSP games.

As always the good Rebels at 4cr have the best Valentine’s Day Cards. Though Mitch didn’t have time to do it up right and proper this year, the choice between Snake’s two greatest admirers from MGS is much appreciated – though a third one with Liquid might have been an additionally nice touch.

In other news, and to wrap this up so I can get back to my coffee, I came across yet another comparison between game box art releases in different regions, which is entirely important because I had no idea that the Japanese cover for Batman Returns was so incredibly awesome – so much so that I have to use the word awesome. Near the bottom of that same page you’ll also find Shadowrun, where the Japanese cover definitely feasts on a rich Blade Runner vein to really capture how I thought of the game back when it released.

Happy Valentine’s Day, if only so that I can offer much love from a guy named love.

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