January 13, 2012

Hands On with NeverDead, Again

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Konami’s starting the year off with a fresh IP, with NeverDead hitting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 31st, and they were good enough to give us some more hands-on time with the game earlier today.

This time around Bryce and his partner Arcadia were investigating another demon hive in an abandoned hospital, offering me a chance to watch Bryce have his limbs torn off repeatedly while I attempted to clear areas and rack experience points.

Following up on my previous time with the game, I’m going to attempt to narrow down and itemize what stood out during this trip, which you can catch below.


August 27, 2011

Hands On with NeverDead

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NeverDead Hands On
Konami has no shortage of brands to call on when it comes to keeping the pixels moving and the store shelves stocked. The majority of their mainline brands read like the “who’s who” list from my childhood, and yet still find opportunities to remain relevant with new iterations in the here and now. With that in mind, NeverDead initially caught my attention as a curious ambition – a fresh IP digging for new tricks to create an original title that didn’t immediately leave me imagining an endless trail of sequels to follow.

The chance to step into Bryce’s immortal shoes recently lent a few more insights into how that ambition and collaboration with Rebellion is playing out, so let’s finally chew on matters of life, death, and Bryce’s unfortunate position between those two points.


August 19, 2010

Your Recommended Dose of NeverDead

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Unlike Humpty Dumpty, the latest video for NeverDead shows how you can put yourself back together again, in this case after getting thrashed by a monster – apparently so you can go get thrashed by a monster all over again.

I’m not going to suggest that this is a great looking game based on screens and art assets so far, or a terribly unique game based on its demon versus bullet dance routine, but it already looks like the kind of third-person title I’ll play the hell out of regardless – that’s my way of saying that even if it’s bad, it glimmers with that special kind of good-bad I happen to think we need more of.

Catch a glimpse after the break.


June 16, 2010

Konami’s E3 Horror Show

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Konami's E3 Horror Show
Konami went to a great amount of trouble to demonstrate the concept of Zan Datsu earlier today, slicing through the second full day of E3 2010 to take time away from busy people – the jury quickly concluding said time could have been better invested elsewhere.

During an awkward stretch of time where industry professionals seemed to be watching the clock while talking, Konami did cough up a trailer for the next installment of the Silent Hill series, under the uninspiring working title of Silent Hill 8.

Silent Hill is a franchise near and dear to me, from the timeless accomplishment of Silent Hill 2’s psychological twister, straight through to Silent Hill Shattered Memories – a game I still insist is worth the investment. And yet my bias toward the series can’t survive a very simple trailer, full of atmospheric smog and flashlight frights that can be had from numerous other titles already available. It isn’t over yet, but I was expecting something more than simply tossing another stray soul into the Silent Hill snake pit while obligatory horrors ensue.

It’s a post Alan Wake world, not because that title was everything expected, but because it reminded us of just how well conceived and edited a suspenseful horror title could be.

Hell it’s even a post Shattered Memories world.

It was the trailer for Rebellion’s NeverDead that grabbed for more of my attention, not because there’s very much footage to go on, but rather that it was cut in that way that really doesn’t tell me anything, so I simply have to know more. Additionally I could use another third-person action title with a sense of humor.

Catch video for both games after the break.


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