June 15, 2010

Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid-palooza

Metal Gear Solid 3DS
Turns out that Metal Gear Solid 3D Snaker Eater – The Naked Sample for Nintendo 3DS is Hideo Kojima’s third mystery E3 title – which severely surprised the hell out of me for what it’s worth. Oh ZOE, shall I never know your future exploits?

Kojima Productions has added a teaser site for the game with some screenshots that seem to leave many of my fellow editors cursing the amount of devices Metal Gear Solid fans are driven to purchase.

As one of those fans, who is still happily chewing through Peace Walker this week, Metal Gear is one of the very few things you can never have too much of, especially when following Big Boss’ story – though even I wonder if Kojima wants a break yet.


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