July 5, 2011

Review – Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax

Review Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax
“Are other RPGs going to seem too slow after playing this?”

My wife posed this question as she watched me play (deep breath) Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax (okay, just typing that takes half a minute, so we’ll shorten it to HMH). Also, her question was definitely valid.

At first glance HMH seems like a typical Japanese RPG. It successfully incorporates all the genre’s staples – namely it takes place in a colorful fantasy world, there’s an impending apocalypse, you play as a humble hero entrusted with saving the world, you level up via random battles, you visit towns and villages to purchase items and upgrades, you can embark on optional side-quests, and more –only it speeds them up to the point that sometimes you’ll feel like you’re watching a time-lapse video of someone playing Dragon Quest.

In other words, it’s like playing an RPG on speed. Well, okay, I don’t use drugs, but I imagine the pace of HMH is akin to seeing the world through the eyes of some junkie on a street corner who pictures himself to be a Native American hunting buffalo as he throws Styrofoam cups at passing cars. It’s no wonder the lovely Missus Raroo worried that other RPGs would be tough to play after HMH.

Just for kicks, I powered up my Nintendo DS to see if Dragon Quest VI would feel sluggish. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to transition from the lightning speed pace of HMH to the more humble tempo of Dragon Quest, though I will admit that I kept thinking “Hurry up! Don’t waste time! Just run forward into those monsters and move on to the next battle!”

You’d think that this would suggest RPGs have indeed been ruined for me, but by the power of foreshadowing I’ll just say that HMH may not be what it initially appears to be…


April 25, 2011

Travis Touchdown In The Red Zone

No More Heroes Red Zone
Marvelous Entertainment unleashes video for No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition, the Japanese PS3 exclusive return of Travis Touchdown, which follows up on a technically troubled effort to bring the Wii title to HD consoles via the release of Heroes’ Paradise in Japan last year.

With Konami bringing an entirely reworked version of Heroes’ Paradise to North American PlayStation 3 owners this year – with the addition of PlayStation Move compatibility – it’s easy to imagine that Marvelous’ reveal of Red Zone with Move support stems from that same effort.

We had the chance to ask Marvelous about the relationship between the two releases today, and learned that Red Zone is in fact the Japanese localized version of the reworked Heroes’ Paradise Konami is releasing to North America – Marvelous also stressed that this new iteration of Heroes’ Paradise, and thus Red Zone, have very little in common with the original Japanese release from last year.


October 28, 2010

Let’s Unbox – No More Heroes 2 : Hopper’s Edition

No More Heroes 2: Hopper's Edition
First-rate Sugarfiend Ujn Hunter had an import order placed for Marvelous’ swagged-out Japanese edition of No More Heroes 2 before they even knew they were making it.

Marvelous’ description of what was inside and on the discs left some questions, so with the release upon us, I’ve been nagging him for two days straight to rip it open and give us a tour, and he did, which is why we now know that The Hopper’s Edition has a motion styled / voice-acted comic, among other treats.

Catch some pics after the break.


August 18, 2010

Konami Publishing Heroes’ Paradise, Sorta

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Heroes' Paradise
I Sincerely didn’t see this one coming, but word out of Gamescom is that Konami plans to publish the redux of No More Heroes in 2011 – at least for Europe and the PlayStation 3.

The news comes care of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, and calling it a “sword-based action title” the emphasis of the announcement slides almost entirely to Move support, though the dualshock remains at the ready for players who prefer it.

What this means for North America is a mystery at the moment, along with what this means for 360 owners in Europe.

May 28, 2010

Our Mango-Cherry Flavored Heroes Paradise Contest Winners

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Heroes Paradise Contest Winners
Gamesugar’s Heroes Paradise Contest came to a close last night, and I want to take time out right away to thank everyone who entered. We got a great response, which makes it easier to keep offering up more contests in the future. I also want to thank Marvelous again for giving us the opportunity to show that there’s plenty of love for No More Heroes and delicious gaming swag.

It was a pretty crazy morning here, we might have had a Mexican wrestler draw our five winners, or may have just put on masks while doing so ourselves.

Either way, here are our five winners, who will be hearing from us later this afternoon.

The congratulations go to – Mrmountie, Akari, Poofyslime, Nord and Joshhest.

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