January 11, 2011

Review – Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

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Review Ghost Trick Phantom Detective
Death is only the beginning in Capcom’s latest DS release, which begins with the demise of its protagonist, Sissel, only to start a spiritual adventure that finds him making plenty of new friends and influencing people – despite the handicap of being deceased. The first of Sissel’s new acquaintances is a possessed lamp, which kindly introduces him to a ghost world overlapping the land of the living and allows Sissel a means of moving the story forward by unraveling the multiple threads that comprise it.

Capable of switching between these two spheres, Sissel is able to possess and manipulate inanimate objects, a skill key toward solving the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death – though this ability results in him helping plenty of others along the way, like a phantom littlest hobo.


December 15, 2010

More Ghost Trick Demo Get

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Ghost Trick Demo
Capcom has another taste of their phantom detective DS title Ghost Trick ready to sample, this time through the Nintendo DS Channel, giving players a chance to haunt Lynne’s apartment while looking to do some good.

Sissel’s quest to regain his memory and solve his own murder is another title getting the new year in gaming off to a quick start – the game is set to release on January 11, 2011.

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