December 17, 2010

More Life Extension for Demon’s Souls

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Demons Souls
Atlus had previously pledged to keep the lights on for Demon’s Souls’ servers until at least March 2011, and now sends word that they are aiming to keep the online side of the RPG that refuses to die running until the game’s second anniversary – which would put us around October 2011 if you’re keeping score. I do realize many would like the online part of the game to continue forever.

The announcement comes with a reminder that the game is available at greatest hits pricing, and that those in Boletaria can expect a Pure White World Tendency event starting on December 20th and running into the start of the new year.

May 13, 2010

Review – 3D Dot Game Heroes

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3D Dot Game Heroes
The Kingdom of Dotnia was once a tourist magnet, a place where visitors flocked to following the heroics of one brave and mythical figure who overcame evil in the classical tradition society is structured by. Unfortunately for Dotnia, the tourism industry began to suffer as people became less interested in 2D heroics, forcing the King to issue a decree that would push the Kingdom into the 3D frontier.

That decision provides the space for 3D Dot Game Heroes to unleash its block based world of nostalgia on gamers, but also severely depresses the hell out of me.

Rather than a 2D game that attempts to bring audiences back to a realm abandoned by the industry more than gamers, 3D Dot Game Heroes replicates one of the most cherished 2D legends in 3D. It’s one of those ideas you’d have in the shower and chuckle about for awhile after – and then as you realized there was little else to bring to the table you’d probably drop the idea.

Bits of Dragon Warrior drip in at times, but traveling across the overworld of Dotnia to locate dungeons, defeat the boss monsters, and collect the orbs needed to prevent evil from returning is the order of the day for this blocky link to the past.


April 27, 2010

Gamesugar Spotted in Dotnia!

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Gamesugar in Dotnia
From the images I’ve just received it’s clear that someone around here is playing games without me, and possibly needs more practice with the 3D Dot Game Heroes’ character editor.

More images of our heroic sugar cube after the break.


March 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday – Katsup

It seems I missed a lazy Sunday post or two. I’m half certain that isn’t a very big deal because I don’t know why anyone would read them, but rather than self-loathing over that fact, the absence owes simply to the fact that we’ve happened to be busy with weekend events this month.

Luckily I found time to scowl at a few things while drinking my coffee this morning, and we can now return to our regularly scheduled programming – wherein my first question of the day is “What’s the deal with Vanquish?”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’d like to think a screenshot could merit at least half that many – but when it comes to images for Vanquish lately, I’ve tried my best and only come up with seven.

I really, really want to believe that this isn’t a generic “me too cause we can do it better but probably won’t” kinda thing – I’ll be sincerely shocked if that’s what releases in the end, but Platinum, you gotta give me more to work with here.

And yet there are games of more immediate concern.


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