December 17, 2010

More Life Extension for Demon’s Souls

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Demons Souls
Atlus had previously pledged to keep the lights on for Demon’s Souls’ servers until at least March 2011, and now sends word that they are aiming to keep the online side of the RPG that refuses to die running until the game’s second anniversary – which would put us around October 2011 if you’re keeping score. I do realize many would like the online part of the game to continue forever.

The announcement comes with a reminder that the game is available at greatest hits pricing, and that those in Boletaria can expect a Pure White World Tendency event starting on December 20th and running into the start of the new year.

September 15, 2010

Demon’s Souls Goes Greatest Hits

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Demon's Souls
Atlus sent the word, Demon’s Souls has made the red jacket club on the PS3 and will be hitting shelves for $29.99. Atlus didn’t mention if this means they’ll be keeping the servers on longer, currently their commitment is to keep the lights on until March 2011 – so let’s all be sure to bug them about that.

Can you believe Sony didn’t publish this game?

July 21, 2010

Demon’s Souls Gets Life Extension

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Demon's Souls
One of the more interesting emails I received today was a press release announcing Atlus’ continuing support for Demon’s Souls with news that they would extend North American online support through to at least March 2011. A big part of the reason I find this interesting is because I had no idea there was any concern about the game losing that support anytime soon – such thoughts simply never occurred to me.

So it’s good news for veterans and newcomers alike that Atlus will be keeping the lights on, with the world tendency system even shifting to pure white for a couple of weeks in celebration. That’s great news and all, at least until March.

However, considering that the game won’t even be a year old in North America until October 6, I’m not sure I like the state of affairs when we hand out cookies for things we used to take for granted. I’m not trying to be a downer here, I know everything is disposable and the next big game is the priority, the new economy and all that jazz – I’m just saying it feels odd.

Anyway, you tell me, how long should a game based around creating online communities on a major console be supported?

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