May 2, 2011

Review – Conduit 2

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Conduit 2
Conduit 2 is a strange, mysterious product—much like the preposterous conspiracy story it attempts to tell. A mix of ideas from other games, painted with a brush of humor and absurdity and featuring a hero who recalls Duke Nukem more so than the grim soldiers of more recent games, it’s software that strains against the limitations of its platform and manages to come out only as satisfying as it is frustrating.

The protagonist is Michael Ford, former secret service agent on a quest to defeat some sort of alien bad guy who’s out to do stuff, I guess. I can’t tell you much more than that, because the game didn’t see fit to tell me much more than that. The story provides no context for the events, which I imagine is fine if you played the previous game—but I did not. I suppose I now understand how new players feel when picking up Halo 2 or 3.


June 21, 2010

Step Aside Wii Speak?

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Headbanger Headset for Wii
Since it’s mentioned with enthusiasm in our video for Conduit 2, I thought I should post an image of PDP’s Headset – which at the moment is being talked of as a great peripheral for High Voltage’s fps sequel, but I’m more immediately thinking of Monster Hunter Tri when I look at.

The headset is due out in October for $24.99. I would have posted this last week when it was more topical, but because the headset tethers gamers to the Wii via the USB cord I wanted to find out how long said cord was, which I’m now told is over 10 feet.

More specs after the break.


June 18, 2010

E3 Video Bits – Conduit 2

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Conduit 2
In addition to what Sega was showing at their booth, Aileen had a chance to attend a few closed door sessions, including High Voltage Software’s Conduit 2.

The sequel to the Wii shooter didn’t receive the same highlighting the first game did at Nintendo’s Press Conference last year, but HVS has plenty to say about how they approached this newest entry in the series based on the reception to the original, and how several new additions to the game make them confident that the title can satisfy gamers looking for a solid FPS on the Wii.

High Voltage was even accommodating enough to let Aileen record the session, so you can catch an early work-in-progress demo for the single-player portion of the title with Producer Joshua Olson, after the break.


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