June 18, 2010

E3 Video Bits – Conduit 2

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Conduit 2
In addition to what Sega was showing at their booth, Aileen had a chance to attend a few closed door sessions, including High Voltage Software’s Conduit 2.

The sequel to the Wii shooter didn’t receive the same highlighting the first game did at Nintendo’s Press Conference last year, but HVS has plenty to say about how they approached this newest entry in the series based on the reception to the original, and how several new additions to the game make them confident that the title can satisfy gamers looking for a solid FPS on the Wii.

High Voltage was even accommodating enough to let Aileen record the session, so you can catch an early work-in-progress demo for the single-player portion of the title with Producer Joshua Olson, after the break.


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