September 27, 2010

Your Ivy the Kiwi? Contest Winner

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Ivy the Kiwi?
Wow, you guys made that ridiculously hard.

First off, I want to thank everyone who entered and took time to add their fake Kiwi factoids, which ranged from ridiculously fantastic to some that I’m almost willing to believe might be true.

Deciding really left us with a narrow margin, but in the end there can be only one this time, and your winner is Shel, who opened our eyes to the horrible not-truth about the Kiwi-fruit actually being a Kiwi egg.

I’ll be getting in touch with you today about your copy of Ivy the Kiwi?, and I will likely never be able to eat a Kiwi fruit again, so thanks for that :/


  1. I still think kiwi fruit are delicious! Mmm!

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — September 27, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

  2. Congrats to Shel. Once I saw his entry I figured it would be hard to take the prize away from him but still gave it a shot. Guess predator Kiwi’s was not as good as Kiwi eggs.

    Comment by EdEN — September 27, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

  3. Yours was great too Eden, like I said, picking just one was an absolute bitch.

    Comment by Jamie Love — September 27, 2010 @ 3:24 pm

  4. Well, if for some reason Shel can’t claim his prize I’ll be glad to do so in his place hahaha.

    Comment by EdEN — September 27, 2010 @ 10:36 pm

  5. Oh good! I actually enjoyed that one quite a bit. Black humor is always appreciated.

    Comment by Zachaeus — September 27, 2010 @ 3:52 pm

  6. Wow thanks everyone! Looks like my combination of story writing and watching alot of documentaries actually came in use for once^^ (The funny thing is, I know next to nothing about real Kiwis…)

    Comment by Shel — September 28, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

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