September 11, 2012

They Bleed Pixels on the Dance Floor

They Bleed Pixels on the Dance Floor
Hey Sugarfiends! It’s been a bit quiet around here while I finished up some work elsewhere, so it seemed fitting to break the silence with a dose of audio sugar. This week I caught up with long-time Sugarfriend Shaun Hatton, occassional contributor to Gamesugar, reporter for EP Daily, and the musician responsible for the soundtrack to one of the best indie games of 2012, They Bleed Pixels.

Shaun took time out to talk about the soundtrack, They Bleed Pixels on the Dance Floor, which you can catch up with via Bandcamp with this handy link here.


August 30, 2012

Review – They Bleed Pixels

Review They Bleed Pixels
From the jagged teeth of buzzsaws to the spiked walls and floors beneath and above every slim bit of ground players will grasp in the search for some small space to breathe, They Bleed Pixels. Toronto developer Spooky Squid has crafted a platformer without pity, where the typical spiky pitfalls of the past are only the opening to a world of malevolently placed enemies and obstacles guarded by blades of precise timing – eager to spill the blood of opponents and players alike in gathering an offering for whatever dark Gods of old are in league with the design of its stages.

But this isn’t a game that’s hard for the sake of being so, nor some attempt to simply join other recent titles that wear difficulty as the primary incentive and reward to be bragged about at some They Bleed Pixels survivors meeting later this year.

They Bleed Pixels examines the space of traditional platformers, and knowing the habits of those that have grown up playing them, challenges players to make more of the wasted space around said platform. It does this by often providing very little solid ground to stand on, but also forces a new perspective on old habits by offering new spaces to cling to.


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