October 4, 2010

Getting Lost in Shadows, How To

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Lost in Shadow
Detoxing delicious dependencies from my system has made for a melancholic week in Sugarland.

When not otherwise curled into a ball of whimpering insensibility, it seemed an ideal time to get on with the business of gaming. I was a bit desperate for something new on the shelf, a game to fire and order the synapses by nature of an inviting challenge to the still functioning bit of reason left to me.

For their part, Hudson sent out a demo disc for Lost in Shadow, quite a bit early given that the Wii game doesn’t arrive here until January.

The taste that demo disc offers is welcoming enough, with the shadow puppetry premise finding plenty of ways to twist and turn and most importantly, to build. There’s a progressive layering of ideas in the best tradition, continually inviting the player deeper into the shadows of the game’s looming tower.


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