June 23, 2010

Peace Walker – The View from Mother Base

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Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker
Even while being bombarded by E3, I was chewing through Peace Walker reasonably quick until hitting the first of the game’s singing robotic superweapons. The massive tank with the unfortunately odd name of Pupa was waiting to attack in the first confrontation within the game that didn’t provide any safe havens for planning strategy or recovery.

Two previous encounters with heavier infantry offered buildings or overturned wreckage for refuge, but this encounter occurs within a large open arena, a bit like a match of Twisted Metal – except that Boss doesn’t have access to a machinegun equipped ice cream truck.


January 6, 2010

Being The Boss – MGS Peace Walker

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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
I recently took a run through the English demo for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker – English being the key draw since I’ve already run through the demo released during the Tokyo Game Show a few times. For all the talk of control schemes, the demo offers two – shooter type and action type – which switch camera controls between the directional and face buttons of the PSP to allow for left or right handed controls.

I went with shooter type, not because it necessarily fit my grip better, but because switching the hand responsible for the camera really isn’t that big a deal to me. Negotiating 3D space in any game is a bitch with no ideal solution on the horizon, especially on a handheld and with a game that involves stealth and taking in as much of your surroundings as possible. MGS is a tricky beast to design controls for, but a certain amount of patience makes it workable – though I’m not sure how quick I’ll ever be at it.

Having already played through the obstacle course, and eluded men wearing bright jackets in the jungle, my return visit was entirely about the English translation of the cinematic sequences.


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