November 20, 2010

Mickey’s Epic Spending Options

Epic Mickey
Disney’s Epic Mickey is nearly upon us, set for release on November 30th, which is like what, ten more sleeps?

To fuel potential fanaticism, PDP offers two products that you’ve likely seen already, the paintbrush Nunchuk and a WiiMote charger that doubles as a display piece. The Nunchuck can already be had from Amazon or PDP’s website for $19.99 USD, but the charger, which PDP lists for $49.99 USD is a Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive, a phrase I haven’t heard in quite awhile, and word is that it will later become available through PDP’s site as well.

Then of course there’s still the collector’s edition of the game, which all together should help leave an epic dent in your wallet depending on just how much you love the mouse.

I remember when you could see five Mickey cartoons for a dime and get change back! Okay not really, but it sounds like something that would be true, doesn’t it?

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