January 24, 2010

Review – The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

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The Sky Crawlers
For all the noise I’ve attempted to make about The Sky Crawlers’ arrival on North American shelves, the game surrenders itself to a level of obscurity not only by nature of its genre, but because it is a quiet and subtle title.

In an attempt at taking an early stance against undue hype, I’ll stress that neither my interest in the game nor my time with it has revealed a religious experience. Rather, the game leaves an impression as subtle as its arrival and presentation – something small and nagging to chew on after the flight is over.


January 17, 2010

Beautifying Your Copy of The Sky Crawlers

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The Sky Crawlers
While it’s unfortunate that studios have to replace covers for Japanese games with severely bland and more descriptive imagery to suit the market here, I do understand the motivation. The Sky Crawlers‘ North American box art conveys the idea of “Hi, I’m a game about planes on the Wii” immediately enough.

The bright side about XSEED is that they anticipated what a snob I am about such details and did something other publishers have occasionally done, but many more could stand to do more often.

Having traveled to the center of hell and battled fiendish register monkeys, I will now demonstrate first hand how easy it is to beautify a copy of The Sky Crawlers in two quick and easy steps, after the break.


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