November 29, 2010

Your Recommended Dose of Cave Story

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Cave Story
For those gamers eager to hang with the Mimiga on their DSi, Cave Story hits DSiWare today and will set you back 1,000 Pts for the mobility.

For those that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, Cave Story is also available in WiiWare demo form today, so if you’ve been living in mystery, there’s absolutely no reason not to get learned on the subject.


  1. I bought it at launch on Wiiware but, as usual, it’s waiting for it’s turn. December I’ll be playing digital releases since I have several Wiiware, DSiware and PSN games waiting for their time to shine.

    Comment by EdEN — November 29, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

  2. Despite already owning the WiiWare and PC version, I downloaded the DSiWare version as soon as it hit the shop because I’m some sort of nut. I did the same with Super Mario World on the SNES when I learned about the GBA port. >_>

    The DSiWare version looks, sounds, and plays just like the PC version without any noticeable flaws or lag. It’s been excellently compressed into 47 blocks of memory, just as the original PC version was really small. The second screen frees up some space for the top screen by displaying the item menu, dialogue boxes, and map. Looking at the ??? in the main menu, it’s clear that there will be unlockable content. The game even includes a nifty Jukebox for all the music you encounter in the game.

    What I really like that most other people overlook is that the digital manual is stylized with flavor and colored illustrations that help make it feel more like the manuals that came with the games of old.

    I’ve heard complaints about the button layout, but having played Dark Void Zero with similar layout (A/X = jump, B/Y = shoot), it’s not that difficult to get used to.

    Well, that’s all I can offer you with my initial impressions, so I leave it to the rest of you folks to decide if this is worth it or not.

    Comment by Celeph — November 30, 2010 @ 3:01 am

  3. Thanks Celeph, that’s a damn good checklist.

    Comment by Jamie Love — November 30, 2010 @ 8:38 am

  4. Well, back in the day we used to jump with A and shoot with B and we liked it!

    It’s odd that the DSiware version is just direct port of the PC game but with the size restrictions they couldn’t have included the updated music and graphics as well. Still, it does feel a bit high at 1,000 points since 800 might have been an easier sale.

    Comment by EdEN — November 30, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

  5. Well, I can’t say how the music will affect the file size, but the updated graphics wouldn’t work on the DS due to a major difference in resolution. The new graphics are double the resolution of the original, and they already had to cut the resolution for OG graphics down just to fit it on the DS screen.

    As for the price point, though I personally thought it was worth it, I agree that it makes it less of an immediate buy for others not so sure about it.

    Comment by Celeph — November 30, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

  6. Since I already own it for Wiiware and I’ve got plenty of games for my DS I’ll be skipping the portable version. Might get it eventually if I want me some Caves on the go with a bit of the story to go along.

    Comment by EdEN — November 30, 2010 @ 10:38 pm

  7. I’d buy it… if it was on a cart… and actually worked on my DS.

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — December 1, 2010 @ 9:10 am

  8. Will you get a 3DS at launch or will you wait a while? Since it’s backwards compatible with DS carts and you can download DSiware and 3DSware games as well as the legacy Virtual Console…

    I’m waiting for Nintendo to let me know how many times I can transfer all of my DSiware content before buying a 3DS since I’ve invested over $200 in digital content already.

    Comment by EdEN — December 1, 2010 @ 12:00 pm

  9. Not unless someone cracks the region locking… I don’t like how Nintendo is all the sudden going backwards. I don’t want to have to buy a Japanese 3DS and a U.S. 3DS just to play portable Nintendo games that I’ve always been able to play since Nintendo created a handheld.

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — December 1, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

  10. Don’t see them going back to not region locking portable games… so will you skip this portable generation then?

    Comment by EdEN — December 1, 2010 @ 3:57 pm

  11. Possibly. Unless someone cracks the region locking… like I said.

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — December 1, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

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