Metroid’s Live-Action Pitch

Metroid Other M
The live-action commercial for Metroid: Other M is without a doubt the darkest ad for a Nintendo published title I’ve ever seen – and as far as ads go this hits every note with precision.

I’m lacking a few words at the moment that aren’t me just blathering on here, it’s entirely possible that this ad is better than the game itself. What is certain is that waiting the last few days out to finally know how this all came together is agonizing.

Catch the video after the break.

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  • Wolfkin

    wait it’s on my Wii? i can go watch it on my TV right now!!!

  • EdEN

    THAT is the way to promote Other M. I see the game selling 500-600k worldwide by the end of december.

  • brownkidd

    Holy crap!!! It’s almost TOO awesome! Also, Samus = mad sexy.

  • Celeph

    Amazing commercial, I must say. I definitely need to place this on my list of upcoming purchases. Of course, I need to finish Trilogy first. >_>

  • Wolfkin

    what the heck.. comments getting deleted again?

    well basically. it’s awesome that you can watch this on the Wii. I rarely go to the Nin channel, but I would consider going back again and again to watch this.

    • Jamie Love

      Agreed, I went home and watched it an embarrassing amount of times.

  • GoGoRossi

    Nice but I can’t make out what that last sentence, it sounds like: “What’s past is prozac”…

    Is she kicking an addiction in this game?

  • wildfire405

    I think it was, “W]what’s past is a prologue.”

  • Ujn Hunter

    I’m a downer, but this is probably the best thing about Other M. This commercial that is. Or the fact it doesn’t use a Nunchuck and is therefore Lefty friendly.

  • EdEN

    @Ujn: So, you buying the game then?

    • Ujn Hunter

      Yeah, I’ve had it on pre-order on Amazon for months. It comes with $20 off my next game purchase so that should make up for how horrible the game *might* actually be. ;)

  • EdEN

    Nah, you’ve seen the videos. It’s almost full on 2D Metroid action, how can that be bad?