June 19, 2010

E3 Impressions – A Tale of Two Downloadable Titles

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Downloadable Titles
Two of the top downloadable games I saw at E3 2010 are definitely Konami’s Hard Corps: Uprising and Square-Enix’s Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Child of Eden was stealing plenty of the limelight and my attention, but these games deserve some recognition.

Konami is releasing Hard Corps: Uprising on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall, and judging by the E3 demo, it’s coming along really well. The art shift makes it easy to call it a refreshing take on a celebrated franchise, whose concept and gameplay controls are still adopted from early Contra games – of course new features such as online co-op mode and leaderboards tag along for the nostalgia trip.

I couldn’t help but notice “working title” on the E3 sign with Hard Corps. Does that mean that they’re considering putting “Contra” back in the title? I’m going to guess probably not.


June 10, 2010

The Invasion is Coming…, Again

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Space Invaders
In other following up on Famitsu news, it appears that Square-Enix’s E3 2010 strategy is to deliver at least 90% of what I’ve always wanted. I can’t absolutely prove that, I haven’t seen Einhander show up yet, but there is a trailer for Space Invaders Infinity Gene, which is hitting the show next week before its release for XBLA and PSN later this year.

Far from another pointless Extreme edition, Infinity Gene is a title I’ve been wanting on the consoles along with plenty of other people.

As always, catch the trailer after the break and decide if you want to be excessively happy about the news too.


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