July 16, 2010

The View From Gekkoukan High

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Persona 3 Portable
I feel terminally exhausted lately.

In fact, the days seem to go by in a blur now, as if one morning I’m walking to school only catching half a conversation with friends and then suddenly waking to a mid-afternoon lecture on literature – and then before I really know what the context is, school is over for the day and I’m back at the dorm questioning whether I should try to study or crawl back into bed.

I’ve missed tennis practice three times in a row now. I joined the club as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and even though they meet three times a week I constantly seem to get derailed. I always mean to go, but someone or something always seems to need me those days. Just last week I got asked to join Student Council, and like usual I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I was already too busy.

For some reason I can never say no.


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