July 16, 2010

The View From Gekkoukan High

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Persona 3 Portable
I feel terminally exhausted lately.

In fact, the days seem to go by in a blur now, as if one morning I’m walking to school only catching half a conversation with friends and then suddenly waking to a mid-afternoon lecture on literature – and then before I really know what the context is, school is over for the day and I’m back at the dorm questioning whether I should try to study or crawl back into bed.

I’ve missed tennis practice three times in a row now. I joined the club as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and even though they meet three times a week I constantly seem to get derailed. I always mean to go, but someone or something always seems to need me those days. Just last week I got asked to join Student Council, and like usual I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I was already too busy.

For some reason I can never say no.


May 10, 2010

Persona 3 Portable Is Streamlined

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Persona 3 Portable
As far as Persona 3 Portable is concerned, the word of the day is definitely streamlined, and legitimately so because the game moves from screen to screen swiftly, even without the optional install.

I got the chance to view a demo of the title today when Atlus harnessed the power of the Internet to give an overview of the game’s most notable new feature, the ability to play as either gender.

The trade off is that “anime” cut-scenes have been replaced with more character portrait interactions, and that players now navigate the world with an icon rather than running around loose in it – well except for the dungeons of course.

Pressing square brings up a quick menu that allows players to jump to different locations now, admittedly making P3P a more ideal game on the go. Whether or not that’s a huge loss is debatable. One could lament that loss of immersion, but at the same time locations are freshened with a new 2D art perspective, keeping the game focused on character interchanges and battling with Persona.


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