July 16, 2010

Swords & Soldiers Marching To PSN

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Swords & Soldiers
As you may have heard earlier today, Sony Online Entertainment gave word that Ronimo Games’ WiiWare RTS plans to invade the PlayStation Network later this Fall. As part of the move, the game’s unique brand of animated mayhem and civilization conquering strife is getting a bump in the visual department as well as the online features.

Always looking to learn more about HD-ness, I managed to catch up with Ronimo’s Fabian Akker to find out a bit more about the work involved –

“The cool thing is that we had little work on the HD graphics, most of the assets were made in HD and then scaled down for Wii, so it was mostly just exporting the original high res files for PSN.

The visuals in the HD PSN version are really sharp and crisp, it helps the characters a lot. For instance you can now clearly see the skull belt on the viking berserker which was just a yellow blob on the Wii, so especially for our artists it’s great to see all these cool details as they were meant to be seen.”


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