June 4, 2010

NOE Recommends More Wii in Your Diet

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Play Wii
Not Surprisingly, Nintendo of Europe thinks you should play more Wii, and is trying out the new slogan on their website “Play Wii and warm your gamer’s heart!”

It was kind of hard not to laugh since that sounds like the silly type of thing I might say on the right day. To back up the heartwarming argument, they’ve put together a promotional video of first and third party releases – admittedly I have a weakness for videos that slap together lots of great game footage.

I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo’s console is warming more hearts than it’s icing over these days, and this type of video is definitely aimed at the gamers Nintendo was accused of ignoring not more than a year ago.

Catch the video after the break and let me know what you think.


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