December 4, 2010

Hey Kids, It’s Gamesugar’s First Birthday!

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Gamesugars First Birthday!
Hey Sugarfiends, can you believe it’s been a year since we set off on this expedition into the gaming wasteland together?

Yes, one year ago today, with little more than a copy of Clash of Heroes and the strange compulsion to keep spewing words about these videogames, Gamesugar was born, and hastily cobbled together, mostly out of construction paper, macaroni and glitter.

While producing a year’s worth of content owes something to my being a stubborn ox, it owes much more to those people that jumped aboard to help, either by directly contributing to articles, tackling background work, offering moral support during my many mental breakdowns, attending events near and far, and genuinely being awesome.

To all of those people: Thank-you, I’ll save you the biggest piece of cake today.

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