December 13, 2009

Review – Mirror’s Edge

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Review Mirrors Edge
DICE’s long-anticipated release of Mirror’s Edge is the perfect example of a minefield for game journalists and reviewers. It’s a situation where there is no ideal position to take, where one is either criticized for praising a glorified technical demo or for criticizing innovation while consistently demanding it. In an industry that is plagued by repetition we should certainly be careful not to dismiss new ideas when they surface, but neither should we ignore the fact that the industry has evolved, and a game is not simply one element or mechanic, but the complete presentation that creates a world players find rewards from investing in.

Consequently Mirror’s Edge is certainly the most divisive title of the year, evoking extreme reactions, whether positive or negative upon playing. And it’s important to separate that statement from a simplistic argument between fans of Resistance and Gears of War. This is a situation where the developer has introduced innovation to an established genre, and thus the game faces both an audience seeking new experiences as well as those entrenched in a set style of game-play.


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